Sunday, December 5, 2010

dead dogs

Dead dogs will raise their heads to catch a glimpse.
one morning i woke up and the sun was setting and i forgot to ask why.
the best days occur without question.
Oh No! Everything is perfect!
I like to throw mud into the ears of my friends,
i love the sound that it makes when it lands in an empty brain, releasing thought.
Puddles upon puddles of thought....

I tried to stop them but i just ended up smiling.
those small wooden soldiers looked delightful!
they peppered my horizon, silly boys.
one of them told me that he was going to kill a man.
and that he was so excited.

I ran like a mad man to the breaking waves of a beach, and i found that people were sitting there under umbrellas, drinking beer and making sandwiches. 
I asked a fat man with a bears belly to tell me what on earth he was doing.
“Oh umm-well if you’re looking for any kind of answer I’m sorry to say you’re a little too late and most definitely asking the wrong person.”

He knew of the militaristic adavances, and he relayed this to me while he stirred his drink. I was so furious with him. He was hogging sun and gulping at martinis and all i wanted to do was save him.

He was more than drunk when the dunes were shattered by steel toed boots. The festivities erupted in bloody fashion as Bullets we’re clouds of locusts that tore through beach balls and spilled intestines onto colored beach towels. I was  watching babies die. One soldier harpooned a beached whale that wore a tie, as he bled sheets onto the white sand he let go endless remorse; he would surely be late to work this morning. Soldiers were crying out and babbling, blood at the mouths, foaming, intoxicated with murderous glee.

After Sand had become ash, and the sea had no crystal quality, it was him and i standing; he with the belly. His martini glass had a bullet hole in it and he craned his neck under it to catch the spilling booze. It was then that i cut the bastards throat. But he didn’t die just then. to pass the time We shared a walk on the beach and planned world domination.

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