Monday, December 13, 2010

a nifty salesman

toddlers like to play in sand and run from waves.
i am no different.
i set fires and put them out in hurried quickness.
i stay inside when mornings are cold.
stuck in stand offs. 
shaking shivers off.
i speak as if a nifty salesman.
i’ve got a silly face.
self assured.
breathing words.
i know just where you’ve been.
i sleep there most nights.
waking up is rare when sleep is never there.
television keeps me angry.
i’m so tired of being angry.
when i pull back the blinds on the window i’m drooling over the fresh air out there.
time is butchered.
i place my words carefully before they’re said,
but if i let them spill they scatter.
my floor is littered with the things.
frantic penning makes the carpet’s landscape.
it’s so nice to be alone here.
i am a human radiator spouting silly colors.
i am the devil.
and thats ok.

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